Psychology Professor Salary Guide 2024 – How Much Do Psychology Professors Earn?

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professor of psychology teaches psychology courses at a university level, conducts research in the field, and contributes to the understanding and application of psychological principles.

The average annual salary of a psychology professor is $80,370.

Here is how your salary will increase over your career with experience:

  • 0-1 year – $57,460
  • 1-4 years – $65,550
  • 5-9 years – $74,970
  • 10+ years – $88,890

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Which states pay the highest salaries for psychology professors?

  1. Hawaii – $92,920
  2. Nevada – $87,290
  3. Massachusetts – $86,560
  4. California – $85,930
  5. New York -$85,810

Which cities pay the highest salaries for psychology professors?

  1. San Francisco, CA – $111,694
  2. New York, NY – $105,448
  3. Boston, MA – $99,920
  4. Washington, DC – $98,907
  5. Seattle, WA – $97,894

How can you earn more as a psychology professor?

There are multiple ways for psychology professors to increase their salaries:

Advance to higher levels of academic rank

Professors of psychology typically start as assistant professors, and can advance to higher levels of academic rank, such as associate professor and full professor, with corresponding increases in salary. According to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), the average salary for an assistant professor of psychology was $71,499 in 2020, while the average salary for an associate professor was $85,223, and the average salary for a full professor was $106,278.

Publish research

Professors of psychology can potentially earn more by publishing research in top academic journals, which can increase their visibility in the field and lead to grant funding or consulting opportunities. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, each additional article published in a top-tier academic journal can increase a professor’s salary by an average of $8,605.

Secure grant funding

Professors of psychology can potentially earn more by securing grant funding from government agencies or private foundations, which can provide additional financial resources to support their research. According to the National Science Foundation, the average annual salary for principal investigators (PIs) on research grants in psychology was $86,140 in 2020.

Teach additional courses or take on additional responsibilities

Professors of psychology can potentially earn more by teaching additional courses or taking on additional responsibilities, such as serving as a department chair or program director, which may come with additional compensation. According to the AAUP, the average additional compensation for chairing a department was $12,143 in 2020.

Move to a higher-paying institution

Professors of psychology can potentially earn more by moving to a higher-paying institution, such as a research-focused university, or by negotiating for a higher salary when accepting a new position. According to a survey by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, the average salary for full-time faculty in psychology was $93,357 at doctoral universities with very high research activity, compared to $65,785 at master’s universities.