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Developmental Psychologists study the cognitive, social and physiological development that occurs throughout a lifetime.  Developmental psychology focuses on the interaction between psychological processes and physical development.

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Developmental Psychologists can specialize in behavior during infancy, childhood, adolescence, or in the older adult.  Some Developmental Psychologists study specific developmental disabilities, their effects and treatment.  As a result of an aging population, there is more research studying ways to help elderly people remain as independent as possible.


What are the Responsibilities for Someone Working in Developmental Psychology?

Developmental Psychologists specialize in cognitive, physiological and social development during any stage of human development. They also work with patients with developmental disabilities. Their areas of expertise include age-related behavior and changes, abnormal developmental changes, as well as emotional development. Developmental Psychologists may also specialize in a specific period of human development, such as childhood, adolescence, middle age, or geriatrics.

Developmental Psychologists conduct research to investigate whether behavioral problems are related to genetics or social domains. They focus both on patterns of change and individual variations of patterns. They recognize that there are typical

paths of development common to most people but also individual paths that shape each person. Developmental Psychologists provide developmental intervention via research and apply it in healthcare and human services settings.

Where do Professionals in Developmental Psychology Work?

Developmental Psychologists work in many settings. They work directly with patients and indirectly in research settings. Developmental Psychologists work in areas of child abuse and abuse prevention. They also work as pregnancy educators and resource providers, in child-care settings and adoption agencies, and with early childhood education providers. Developmental Psychologists work at welfare agencies and agencies for missing and exploited children. They work at senior care facilities. They study patients in mental health care and educational settings.   

Developmental Psychologists often remain in academic environments where they conduct research with other mental health professionals. Many work in hospitals where they collaborate with medical professionals. Government agencies employ Developmental Psychologists to provide local communities with assessment and treatment services.


What Skills are Required in Developmental Psychology?

Developmental Psychologists possess active learning, listening and observational skills. They must be socially perceptive, being aware of clients’ reactions and understanding why they react as they do. They should have strong research and teamworking skills. Developmental Psychologists need strong critical thinking skills, using logic and reason to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, and be able to consider alternative solutions and approaches to problems. They must utilize complex problem solving skills to seek, identify and review new information. They must be active instructors, capable and willing to teach others. Developmental Psychologists need strong knowledge of psychological theory and a solid understanding of human behavior and performance. They should possess management skills with the ability to lead a team and manage data for academic review.  


How Much Money Can You Make in Developmental Psychology?

Developmental Psychologists earn an average annual salary of $79,000 but depending on their education level, area of interest, years of service, and location, that figure can rise significantly to an average of $129,500 per year. A Developmental Psychologist working at a hospital can earn up to $86,500 per year while one working in ambulatory healthcare services can earn $79,500 per year. A career in a government agency can earn $96,500 in annual salary. Developmental Psychologists working in elementary and secondary schools can expect to earn an average annual salary of $75,500. 

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