Nurse Psychiatrist Salary Guide 2024

As with many roles in the healthcare profession, a psychiatric nurse practitioner‘s salary is highly dependent on the geographic location, experience level, and other relevant factors related to the candidate. However, a psychiatric nurse’s estimated annual salary in the USA by 2023 will be $139,976.

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In addition, psychiatric nurses may also receive a salary that includes benefits such as health insurance, retirement savings plans, educational reimbursement, relocation assistance, and paid vacation time. Additionally, psychiatric nurses may be eligible for bonuses based on performance or professional development opportunities depending on the employer.

Which US States have the Highest PMHNP salaries?

Here are the top 5 states for PMHNP salaries:

  1. Washington – $203,000
  2. California – $191,000
  3. Arizona – $169,000
  4. New York – $152,000
  5. Pennsylvania – $150,000

North Dakota reportedly offers some of the lowest salaries for psychiatric nurses at around $85,000 annually.

Which US Cities Are Paying PMHNPs the Most?

Each of the following cities have average pay for Psych NPs of $110,000-$130,000 annually.

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Dallas
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • Boston
  • Phoenix

How Does the Salary of a Nurse Psychiatrist Compare to Other Psychological Subfields?

With a salary that can go up to $220,000, Psychiatric practice, which includes Nurse psychiatrists, has the highest salary compared to other subfields of Psychology. Alongside that, there are also plenty of opportunities for employment in this field caused by the growing demand for psychiatric help in most areas of the US.

Next to Nurse Psychiatrists are individuals who specialize in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This field earns an average of $90,000 annually, the second highest-paying psychological subfield.

Another psychological subfield worth mentioning as one of the highest salaries is Military Psychologist, which earns an average of $70,000 a year, which can still go up to $120,000 per year for active military members with doctoral degrees in military psychology. Additionally, military psychologists, even interns, are entitled to receive 30 days of paid leave with free medical and dental care and many more benefits.

How Do I Advance My Career as a PMHNP and Earn More?

There are many opportunities to increase earnings as a nurse psychiatrist. Nurses specializing in psychiatry can pursue higher education and certifications, allowing them to command higher salaries.

They can also seek positions with more responsibility or specialized roles within their organization. Furthermore, they may secure higher wages by recognizing their achievements or length of service. With dedication and hard work, nurses specializing in psychiatry have the potential for significant financial rewards.

In summary, becoming a nurse psychiatrist is a gratifying career path with numerous opportunities for growth and advancement. With the right qualifications and training, individuals in this field can reap considerable financial rewards as they gain experience.