Behavioral Psychologist Salary Guide 2024

By Staff Writer

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Behavioral psychologists study how people learn, think, and respond to different stimuli in their environment, and use this knowledge to develop strategies for changing behavior. Behavioral psychology, also known as behaviorism, is a branch of psychology that emphasizes the role of the environment and experiences in shaping behavior. Learn more about a career in behavioral psychology.

In the field, a Behavioral Psychologist can expect $62,000 for their salary. Depending on which state they practice in and their years of experience, they may make a much higher rate. Some of these psychologists reported earning more than $100,000 a year.

Which States Have the Best Pay For Behavioral Psychologists? 

Washington, D.C., is the location with the highest pay for Behavioral Psychologists. Practitioners in this state report an average annual salary of $81,717. This area has an extremely high cost of living and Behavioral Psychologists are paid accordingly.

Behavioral Psychologists based out of California are the second-best paid in their subset. These psychologists make about $79,995 every year. Like Washington, D.C., it’s quite expensive to live in California and practitioners make more money to offset their daily expenses.

New Jersey comes in third for Behavioral Psychology pay. These east coast psychologists reported a median salary of $79,430.

Behavioral Psychologist Salary by State:  

  • Washington D.C.: In Washington, D.C., Behavioral Psychologists earn $81,717.
  • California: The median pay for the state of California is $79,995.
  • New Jersey: The average salary in New Jersey is $79,430.
  • Oregon: In Oregon, the median pay is $74,960.
  • Rhode Island: The median salary in Rhode Island is $72,792.
  • New York: The average salary in New York is $71,562.
  • Connecticut: In Connecticut, the median pay is $70,392.
  • Utah: Behavioral Psychologists in Utah can earn $69,370 on average.
  • Massachusetts: The average pay in Massachusetts is $69,057.
  • Colorado: The median salary in Colorado is $68,322.