The Best Providers of EPPP Study Materials 2023

By Staff Writer
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Planning to become a psychologist? Then the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) is in your future.

Though the EPPP is a lengthy computer-based standardized exam, there is some good news: 76% of people who take it pass on their first try. These prospective psychologists didn’t pass on their own though. Of the 76% who made the grade, 81% used an EPPP study resource to help them prepare for their test. (Source: Minnesota Psychological Association)

We’ve compiled information about some of the most popular EPPP study resources, so you can compare each one before committing to studying — and the cost.

If you’re determined to be a part of the 76% who pass the EPPP after their first attempt, keep reading to learn which of the EPPP test preparation courses works best for you.

6 Best Online Providers of EPPP Study Materials

Here’s a list of the best online providers of EPPP study materials:

  1. Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS)
  2. Mometrix Test Preparation
  3. PrepJet
  4. PsychPrep
  6. Taylor Study Method

Provider AATBS Mometrix PrepJet PsychPrep Taylor Study Method
Cost $999-$1649 (online access) $70-140 $379-? $699-$1369 (doesn’t include renewal fee) $59.99 per month $199-$299 per month
Duration 3-9 Months or Self-paced Self-paced 3-6 Months 6-9 Months Self-paced Self-paced
Physical Materials Yes Yes No No No No
Practice Exams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Test taking tips / guidance Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Flashcards Yes Yes No No Yes No
Video library Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Summary Costly but has something for every type of test-taker Affordable but completely self-guided Not upfront about pricing; program claims 97% EPPP pass rate Pricey but they do have a wide variety of study materials Mid-range cost; program claims 92% pass rate Quite expensive; Not many features for cost


Whether you prefer to study on your own or follow an online course, the AATBS’ EPPP study resource guide has something for every type of test-taker. If you have a higher budget (the $999-$1649 listed in the table) you’ll be able to access their online study program which has practice tests, flashcards, informational videos, and even access to a personal study coach. There is also a self-study option from $849-$1349. This has the same materials the most expensive option except the study coach. Besides these programs, AATBS does sell test prep materials as well. If you don’t mind breaking the bank, AATBS has pretty much everything you need for EPPP test prep.

Mometrix Test Preparation

If you’re struggling with the idea of possibly spending hundreds or thousands for EPPP test prep, Mometrix is a great, affordable option. There aren’t online resources or tutors available, but the site offers the EPPP Secrets Study Guide and the EPPP Flashcards Study System for $69.99 each. The former has an overview of content domains, practice questions, and study tips and the latter has more practice exam questions and tips on how to make the most of studying with flashcards. For those who don’t mind an entirely self-paced and offline study resource, Mometrix is a quality choice.


Something exciting about PrepJet: this EPPP study resource claims that 97% of the people who use it pass the EPPP. That’s a massive success rate. While they’re upfront about their pass rate, they aren’t as willing to reveal their pricing. We’re not sure the exact cost, but, based on their secrecy, it’s likely on the higher end. Though the price is a mystery, the resource is well-organized and offers practice tests, lectures, and even a diagnostic exam to see where you should focus your studies. PrepJet is best for someone who doesn’t mind investing in a study resource that’s entirely online.


No matter which of the three PsychPrep packages you sign up for, you’ll receive expert feedback, practice exams, and videos about mastering the EPPP. The Premium Package will set you back $499 (with a $199 renewal fee) for one month or $1369 (with a $129 renewal fee) for nine months, while the Basic Package Plus is $369 (with a $199 renewal fee) for one month and $869 (with a $149 renewal fee) for six months. Both have study materials and videos for test-takers, but the Premium Package also offers audio recordings and a virtual version of the EPPP Mastery Workshop. There’s also a Basic Package for $199 (with another $199 renewal fee) and $699 (with a $149 renewal fee) for six months. If you’re looking for several methods to study for the EPPP and can afford the price, try PsychPrep.

Like PrepJet, also publicly shares its success rate. The study resource claims 92% of the prospective psychologists who use it pass the EPPP. And, like Mometrix, is much more affordable than other test prep sites. For $59.99 per month, you’ll have access to thousands of practice test questions, hundreds of useful videos, and a great shot of passing your EPPP. The information is well-organized and accessible from any device. is a strong choice for people who would like a bit of guidance while getting ready for the EPPP but don’t want to spend a fortune on test prep.

Taylor Study Method

The Taylor Study Method EPPP study resource has two options for test-takers: the Full Program for $299 per month or the Exams Only option for $199 monthly. The Exams Only program has thousands of practice questions to help you get ready for the EPPP while the Full Program has a coaching session, informational videos, and plenty of other resources to help you pass the EPPP. Some of the features are light for the price you’re paying, especially compared to some of the other options in this list. If you’re someone who prefers to tackle information independently, this could be a decent study resource.