Educational Psychologist Salary

Educational Psychologists study how people learn and retain new information. These researchers examine how subjects are being taught and the methods teachers use to impart knowledge in their students. They’re also interested in life-long learning. Psychologists in this subfield study all of the social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of education.

On average, an Educational Psychologist will earn $69,042 annually. Top earners report salaries of more than $90,000. Once they’ve been working for at least five years, these psychologists can expect to be paid close to $85,000.

Which States Have the Best Pay For Educational Psychologists? 

The highest paying state for Educational Psychologists is New York. Professionals in this state, especially those working in New York City, can expect to be paid $49.26 an hour or $102,459 annually.

Their high salaries are influenced by the size of New York’s public education system — it’s the largest one in the United States. With so many students, they need an army of people to support their learning, including Educational Psychologists.

Behind New York is Massachusetts. In this state, Educational Psychologists have a median salary of $101,490. Massachusetts has one of the best-funded educational systems in the nation, so psychologists in this region get to reap the benefits.

The third highest-paying state is Washington with an average of $100,782. While their education system isn’t as well-funded, the state has a high cost of living, meaning professionals can earn higher pay.

Educational Psychologist Salary by State:  

  • New York: The average salary for New York is $102,459.
  • Massachusetts: In Massachusetts, the median pay for Educational Psychologists is $101,490.
  • Washington: The median salary in Washington is $100,782.
  • New Hampshire: The average pay for Educational Psychologists is $98,774 in New Hampshire.
  • Hawaii: In Hawaii, the median pay is $97,474.
  • Maryland: The average salary in Maryland is $94,057.
  • Connecticut: On average, Educational Psychologists earn $94,027 in Connecticut.
  • North Dakota: In North Dakota, the median pay is $93,411.
  • Alaska: The average salary is $93,411 for Alaska.
  • Wyoming: In Wyoming, the median pay for Educational Psychologists is $93,411.