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Social Workers help people manage the stress and problems of life – both the daily grind as well as traumatic events. Social Workers usually work in settings such as private practices, hospitals and universities. Some social work jobs are very specialized, such as substance abuse, parenting problems and marital conflict.

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What are the Responsibilities for Someone Working in Social Work Jobs?

Social Workers help people cope with life challenges. They may work with children, people with disabilities, people with addictions, and people diagnosed with a terminal illness. They can help clients adjust to change that occurs because of divorce, unemployment and death.

Social Workers conduct assessments of their clients’ situations to determine their needs and goals. They advocate for appropriate public assistance resources and communicate with client care teams. They provide follow-up care to ensure that their clients’ situations are improving and are stable. Social Workers provide crisis intervention as needed and ensure that all records comply with policies and regulations. 

Where do Professionals in Social Work Work?

Social Workers work in many varied locations. They work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and primary care settings. They work in veterans clinics, military bases and hospital settings. Social Workers work at community mental-health centers, schools and substance-abuse centers. They work in private practice, higher education facilities, vocational and technical schools, and for government agencies. Social Workers also work for correctional institutions, juvenile rehabilitation centers and child-welfare agencies. They work for adoption agencies and for charities. 


What Skills are Required in Social Work?

Social Workers must be active listeners, remaining engaged in every conversation with their clients. They should be able to express understanding of their clients’ situations. They must have emotional intelligence, displaying high levels of empathy and sensitivity to others. Social Workers require cultural sensitivity and must be ready and willing to work with clients from diverse backgrounds. They should have strong communication skills with the ability to read, write and speak clearly and effectively. Social Workers must have critical thinking skills, with the ability to create and implement treatment plans that utilize resources and benefit their clients’ lives. 


How Much Money Can You Make in Social Work?

Social Workers earn an average annual salary of $65,000 per year. This salary can vary by industry, region and education. Those working with seniors can earn $59,000 per year and those working for county government earn an annual salary of $54,000.

Social Workers working in healthcare earn $66,000 per year and those who work for substance-abuse centers typically earn $58,000 annually. Social Workers working for the Department of Defense can earn $97,000 per year. Social workers in California earn an average annual salary of $79,000 and those on the east coast typically earn $58,000 per year. 

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