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Industrial/Organizational Psychologists apply their knowledge to the workplace, improving both quality of work life and productivity.  Industrial-organizational psychology has become one of the fastest growing psychology specialties.  These psychologists apply research methods to areas such as management and marketing.  Many work with businesses in designing new products, creating training courses and exploring the workplace environment.

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Industrial/Organizational Psychologists can act as human resource specialists, helping with staffing, training and employee development.  Industrial/Organizational Psychologists also work as consultants to help management solve specific problems.

What are the Responsibilities for Someone Working in Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists apply psychological principles to company personnel. They focus on how organizations affect individual behavior. They study management styles, company expectations, social situations, and organizational structure to help improve the job performance of individual employees. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists pay attention to employee behavior and attitudes. They also evaluate corporate climate and they conduct training exercises, providing leadership and management guidance.

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists look closely at employees and their work environment and measure elements such as job satisfaction, job performance and evaluation methods. They review and update company hiring practices and provide feedback on hiring techniques.

Where do Professionals in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Work?

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists work in many company settings. They work in the manufacturing industry, health-care facilities, commercial enterprises and labor unions. Many Industrial/Organizational Psychologists work as consultants or hold academic positions at universities. They work as trainers, coaches and facilitators. They can work directly with a company’s Human Resource Department or may consult with an organization to help with a specific problem or to review a particular issue.  Some Industrial/Organizational Psychologists work as the company human resources manager while others work as research analysts.


What Skills are Required in Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists should have a strong background in psychology. They must possess a firm understanding of psychological theory and understand human behavior. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists must have a solid understanding of social and cultural issues and they need to have strong teamworking skills. They must be critical thinkers and utilize logic and reason to identify employee and employer strengths and weaknesses.   

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists should possess emotional intelligence and the ability to respond compassionately to diverse personalities. They must also gather and review data and communicate well to employers and employees. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists should be able to evaluate human behavior and how different personality types work or don’t work well with one another.  


How Much Money Can You Make in Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists earn a national average salary of $116,000 per year. Annual salary can vary widely by region, industry, area of specialty, and years of service. Experienced Industrial/Organizational Psychologists in the top 10 percent of earners can make more than $184,000.

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists who work in consulting management earn an average annual salary of $90,000. Those with 20 years of experience earn $122,000 per year. Scientific and technical consulting fields earn $187,000 per year.

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